Lighting Technology

Whether you want a gallery or shop style, a trade fair stand or an entire hall dedicated to a specific topic, whether in a large space, compact or accentuated, whether in the textile, food or professional industries – we can plan the right lighting for each of your displays. Several criteria play an important role in choosing the right type of lighting. The color and light intensity, energy efficiency, lamp type, reflectors and light beam angles, ability to dim, size/optic and design of the lamps, height and modes of hanging the lamps, and even the weight and volume of the lamps can play a decisive role in planning and carrying out projects.

We would like to accompany your projects in this way, thus allowing new technologies to shape our planning.

LED Technology

Since 2014, we have recognized a drastic improvement in LED light technology; now it is also very practical to use for trade fair lighting. Ever since, we have placed an emphasis on this innovative, sustainable tyle of lighting. We successfully implemented the first projects of this kind in 2015 and now look forward to what exciting developments the future will bring.

HQI Metal-Halide Lamps

Although halogen lighting is still a good choice for certain situations, for several years we have depended first and foremost on the high-performance, energy-efficient and reliable HQI metal-halide lamps. This is one of our strong core competencies in the area of static light, particularly for mid-size to large-scale projects.

Traverses / Rigging

Our rental program offers traverses with different types of construction and load-bearing characteristics. This allows us to cater to special conditions for use or construction guidelines.

For several years, we have carried out the majority of our work with traverses from the manufacturer Prolyte. We are also their official rental partner. Certified 3- and 4-harness systems, as well as ladder traverses from Prolyte ensure both a secure and visually attractive setup as well as fast, money-saving, and simple operation.

Our comprehensive inventory of traverse lengths, corners, angles and accessories makes it possible to freely plan almost any construction imaginable.

Our lifting and rigging equipment are subject to continuous controls and routine inspections by certified specialist companies. Safety comes first when carrying out projects – whether big or small. To ensure first-class safety, we rely on our network of manufacturers and experts.

ChainMaster D8 Plus

We use lifting equipment to build the traverses as quickly and flexibly as possible. The equipment we use, including D8 and D8 plus motors, manual chain hoists and rigging material are only made by reliable and renowned manufacturers.

Electrical Technology

We plan electrical technology from the individual connections all the way to cabling complete trade fairs or event premises. In the trade fair business both nationally and abroad, we specialize in the fast, temporary assembly and disassembly of energy supply networks.

In order to ensure secure, fast and cost-effective installation of electrical technology, we have prepared all of our equipment to be ready to plug in. That way, it is very easy to operate, either for our staff or for your specialist personnel. We have consequently equipped all of our lighting technology to be 'ready to plug in' as well, and it is carefully coordinated to be compatible with our electrical technology. This ensures an intuitive setup, with almost no additional tools necessary.

Our experience with numerous successful projects and our comprehensive electrical technology equipment enables us to offer, plan, carry out and deliver equipment – also at short notice.

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