Hire Electrical Equipment

A successful lighting concept always consists of three components: the lighting itself, the trusses which support the lighting equipment and the electrics that provide the power. This latter forms the foundation of the lighting equipment because: no power no light.

From us you can hire the right electrical equipment for your lighting project, along with spotlights, floodlights, luminaires and truss systems, enabling you to create atmospheric basic lighting and set sophisticated light accents in your spaces, e.g. at an exhibition or in commercially used spaces.

Our expertise is not limited to the hire of lighting equipment. For us consulting is assuming an ever more important role: together with our customers we create customised lighting and electrical concepts for individual exhibition stands and whole exhibition halls and exhibition venues, for individual shops and for complete indoor and outdoor events.

We have the ideal equipment for installations using both alternating current and three-phase AC, which gives us the capacity to realise even large-scale events and projects.

Thanks to our years of experience we know exactly which electrical components you need for your event or your desired lighting. As a master business for electrical engineering and a member of the German Electricians’ Guild [Elektroinnung], our designs are safe and always in line with the latest technology and statutory regulations. So you don’t need to be an electrical specialist yourself, just leave all the technical aspects to us!


Our catalogue covers the following product categories in the field of “electrical equipment hire” for the instalation of temporary power networks:

  •  electrical junctions (design and specification as required, indoor, outdoor)
  •  cables (incl. CEE cables, wieland cables, schuko cables)
  •  sockets, buttons & switches, electrical components
  •  110 volt technology

These make it easy to create a complete package for your exhibition or event electrics. Our considerable stock enables us to realise even large-scale electrical projects without difficulty.

You are also very welcome to consult us if you simply wish to temporarily supplement your own electrical equipment. In this case the hire of components for electrical installations is the most economic option.


For power networks ideally suited to your lighting concept or the stands at your major event, we provide for hire:

Electrical junctions

Indoor and outdoor electrical junctions with accessories such as splitters or residual-current circuit breaker modules (standard or customised), main terminal boxes, electrical junctions with current measurement for exhibitions, etc.

Sockets and co.

We provide for hire various flush-mounted and surface-mounted sockets, switches and buttons, as well as socket strips in various colours and with different numbers of socket outlets and fittings.

Our socket strips and tabletop sockets are from renowned manufacturers.

A+M Schott Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH can also provide for hire professional standard floor–mounted sockets, floor tanks and accessories, as well as emergency switches.

Electric motors and revolving stages

One piece of equipment used in lighting technology is the electric mirror ball motor. We are happy to provide such a motor for hire upon request, as well as a revolving stage.

Cables (for indoor & outdoor lighting)

  • CEE cables and adapters for Europe-wide use
  • Multicore cables for truss connection, multicore cables for control of motors, multicore load distributors, Harting adapters
  • Powerlock single core cables in various lengths with coupling and plug, breakout cable with Powerlock coupling
  • Schuko extension cables and rubber cables in various lengths and colours
  • Wieland electrical equipment + accessories: including 2 and 3-wire cables and junctions, ST and GST adapters & cables for safe, plug-in cabling systems
  • Earthing cables in various lengths, e.g. for earthing of exhibition stand
  • DMX cables and adapters to control dimmers, spotlights, etc.
  • Cat5-, Cat6- and Cat7 cables for network technology in various lengths


Defenders (also known as cable protectors) fulfil two functions as cable protection systems: they prevent trip hazards and they also protect the cables from harmful external effects. We provide defenders in various sizes, customised to your requirements.

110 volt technology

Specifically for the technical requirements of the US power grid we have various converters, lighting tracks, socket strips and extension cables available for hire. And other international adapters also ensure successful lighting concepts whatever the location.


Our electrical equipment hire service is subject to constant monitoring: cables and electrical junctions are checked after every use and a test report prepared. This enables us to ensure the highest possible level of safety for the next use of our materials in an exhibition stand or at an event.

The mandatory use of residual-current circuit breakers (also known as RCDs or ground fault circuit interrupters) protect your employees and exhibition guests from dangerous electric shocks in the case of power faults or cable defects by cutting off the power supply.

Upon request we can also hire electrical junctions with integrated voltmeters and ammeters for constant measurement of the power and the electrical current during your event. With this device you can, for instance, establish or monitor actual electrical consumption.

 As a master business, we carry out all our electrical installations in compliance with all standards and safety provisions of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE).


When you hire all your lighting equipment from us, it is important that all components are compatible with one another and enable the installation and dismantling of complex lighting systems as efficiently as possible. For this reason our lighting and our electrical products are all designed as plug-ins; customised cables enable safe and rapid installation. So not only are the interfaces between the individual components ideally tailored to one another, there is also a unified design when you hire your electrical equipment from us.

Our services in the field of lighting equipment hire therefore also include the following two items:

  • Hire of rigging materials (including ChainMaster electrical hoists and controllers) & trusses (2, 3 and 4-point trusses, truss circles)
  • Hire of lighting

Under the heading of Lighting hire for events and exhibitions you will find a wide range of spotlights, floodlights, lamps and luminaires. These can, for instance, lend your exhibition stand a shop character or create just the right lighting for professional work in your commercial spaces.


LED lamps are replacing traditional halogen and HQI lamps at a rate of knots. We offer these modern LED lamps for hire. Choosing LED lamps makes your event lighting more environmentally friendly. This is due to the longer lifespan of such lamps, their improved energy and light efficiency and the fact that they do not contain mercury.

That’s why we are offering ever more of our lamps, such as track lights, as LED versions too. A range of light colours are possible, which is another advantage of environmentally friendly LED lamps.


Electrical installations for setting up your event or designing the lighting concept are a complex matter, especially as this task also involves many safety aspects. But you don’t have to face this challenge alone. With A+M Schott Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH you have a competent partner for matters of event technology and at the same time an Electricians’ Guild master business at your side. We combine the lighting and electrical equipment into a compatible and visually appealing overall concept.

We will be happy to help with all further questions and issues concerning any aspect of exhibition and event lighting. Just contact us.

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